Removal of Soviet Monument

Enough for Katowice

Enough for Katowice

Workers in Katowice have taken down the Soviet Soldiers monument that stands in Plac Wolności (Liberty Square). City councillors decided to do this in 2000, but officials were reluctant to complete the task. A city authorities spokesman has said that the operation will be expensive. In December 2000, the Russian authorities were happy for the monument to be relocated to the Soviet soldier’s cemetery in Katowice, however, nothing happened despite representatives of Law and Justice (PiS), Civic Platform (PO) and the Silesian Autonomy Movement (RAŚ) unanimously calling for its removal. The monument has been the focal point for many demonstrations and recently the former leader of the Confederation of an Independent Poland (KPN) Adam Słomka painted a swastika on the monument. In January this year the Pokolenie (Generations) Association organised a demonstration near Katowice City Hall reminding them of the resolution they passed several years ago. Protesters carried banners criticising the city mayor: “Piotr Uszok is a friend of the Soviet occupiers”. “The monument needs to be restored which will take several months, and then it will be taken to the cemetery,” says Jakub Jarząbek, a city spokesman.

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