17 kg of Marijuana On Bus

On a Bus

On a Bus, from Spain

Custom officers from the Customs Chamber in Rzepin were surprised when they decided to check a bus returning from Spain to Poland. They only checked several tourists out of a total of seventy on board. And that was enough to find almost 17 kg of marijuana. Custom officers made the find in the area surrounding the border town of Świecko on 18 May. They decided to do a spot-check on the vehicle in question, which took a great deal of time as the bus was crowded. They then decided to check several of the tourists more thoroughly. This included a 35-year-old man whose name and residence the Customs Chamber has not revealed. The man was travelling with two huge travel bags. Officers found 16,800 grams of marijuana worth more than half a million złoty inside. “Nobody even bothered to hide the drugs, which could be difficult when attempting to smuggle such large quantities of dried marijuana across the border. He simply packed it in fifteen plastic bags,” reports Beata Downar-Zapolska, spokeswoman for the Customs Chamber in Rzepin. Custom officers will now continue proceedings in cooperation with officers of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBŚ).

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