Drunken Latvians in Wladysławowo



It is the second time this week that Polish border guards have captured a Latvian fishing vessel and its crew. The incident was reported to the Maritime Office in Gdynia. On Thursday the Border Guard in Władysławowo thwarted a drunken skipper’s plans of going to sea. He was drunk but the rest of the crew was sober. The 58-year-old Latvian skipper had exactly the same amount of alcohol in his bloodstream after a breathalyser test on 9 May. That day the border guard thwarted the fishing vessel’s attempt to go to sea. The second skipper and two other members of the crew were also drunk. Only the engineer was sober. The harbour master in Władysławowo notified the Border Guard, who will carry out further investigations. Being in a port under the influence of alcohol is a serious offence.
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