German Mayor in Opole?

Piast Tower, Opole

Piast Tower, Opole

Dr Norbert Honka, a lecturer at the University of Opole, will be the first person from the German minority to run for the Opole mayor’s office in the city’s recent history. Dr Norbert Honka is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Regional Studies at Opole University. He specialises in the history of Silesia, 20th century Polish-German relations, the problematic aspects of home rule and regionalism in Poland and Germany and integration processes after World War II. “We are extremely happy because the German minority has its own candidate for the first time in history,” said Norbert Rasch, chairman of the Social and Cultural Association of Germans in Silesia. Honka says that he decided to participate in the race for mayor because the German minority is a part of the local community. “We have our own ideas and want to present them to all the people of Opole. The city needs a fresh perspective on many issues and a new impetus for action,” Honka said. He added that his programme is not only addressed to the German community, but also to all inhabitants of Opole. However, he did not want to go into details. “The election programme is ready, but we have our reasons for not revealing it yet,” he noted.

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