Moose on the Loose

On the Loose in Warsaw

On the Loose in Warsaw

It was about noon when the moose trotted down Powstańców Śląskich (street) in the Bemowo district of Warsaw and ran into a car. Luckily, nobody was badly hurt, but the moose did have a few cuts and bruises and was moved to a safer location. “It was exactly 12.05 when we heard that there is a moose running around the mall and cinema car park in Bemowo,” says press officer Katarzyna Dobrowolska of the Warsaw municipal police. The moose wandered into the car park after it had been hit by a car. “Fortunately nobody was seriously hurt, though the moose did suffer slight injuries. The car ended up with a cracked windscreen and broken rear-view mirror,” says officer Robert Opas of the metropolitan police. The incident was reported to the environmental police patrol (Ekopatrol) and the municipal veterinarian. Katarzyna Dobrowolska adds that, “The moose was drugged and taken to Kampinos Forest.”

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