Poland a Developed Country?

If I Were a Rich Man...

If I Were a Rich Man…

“Sometimes we do not realise that we are even better than most developed countries. For example, in terms of electronic banking, Western Europe is learning from us, not the other way around,” says Franciszek Hutten-Czapski, head of the Polish branch of the Boston Consulting Group. He also adds that the reason why Poles complain so much is that they are so demanding. “If we compare Poland now and Poland twenty-five years ago, the change is enormous. However, Polish people do not look at the pace of change, we simply want to be the best at everything. What’s more, we’re so ambitious, which is a good thing,” says Franciszek Hutten-Czapski. Although the head of BCG Poland appreciates the changes that have occurred in the last twenty-five years, he also draws attention to the dangers. In his opinion, the greatest problems are demography and emigration. Although Hutten-Czapski studied abroad in the late 1980s and 1990s, ultimately he returned to Poland. He says he would have done the same today, because Poland is still a “land of opportunities”. “Much more can still be achieved in Poland [than in Western Europe].  Of course, it all depends on your personality, but if you are hardworking, ambitious, have a trade and are willing to learn something unique, you will succeed everywhere. However, I think that in Poland the opportunity is greater,” he adds.

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