Polish Cooking App



Since 1995, the Gourmand Awards have been focused on the world’s best cookery and cooking publications. The general idea of the awards is to reward the best books about eating and wine. The 19th Gourmand Awards took place in Beijing and saw Grzegorz Trubiłowicz, the Polish creator of Cooklet, a cooking app, receive the prestigous award. Cooklet has been available on the market since 2010 and was created for ‘foodies’ who love to cook. The app enables foodies to exchange recipes and opinions with each other, storing everything on a virtual platform. The service can be accessed directly through the internet but also as an app for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Kindle. The Polish app became internationally famous when it was published on TechCrunch, and noticed by Sony. More recently, the Polish start-up claimed third place during the Samsung Smart App Challenge, enabling it to be promoted with the help of one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. This may be the first step to being preinstalled on Samsung smartphones. What is more, Cooklet has now gained prestige among cooking content publishers by winning Best Digital Cookbook at the Gourmand Awards, beating Brazilian, American and Chinese innovations. “Our victory at the Gourmand Awards is a massive honour. We are so happy that our initiative, which we started four years ago, is now spreading all over the world,” said Grzegorz Trubiłowicz.

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