Polish Start-up in China

Deal in the Bag

Deal in the Bag

Betegy has signed a three-year contract with one of the largest Chinese lottery operators, SunLoto, owner of Wozhongla.com. The Polish start-up is the first company to manage to sign a long-term contract for delivering football data and forecasts to Chinese clients. “It is extremely difficult to break into the Chinese market, especially those sectors controlled by the state. International corporations like William Hill and BET365 have tried and failed many times,” says Alex Kornilov, Betegy director and co-founder. He adds, “The ability to reach a large number of Wozhongla.com clients is extremely important to us. The games and lottery market in China is one of the largest and fastest developing markets in the world. It was valued at an estimated at $22 billion at the end of 2013 and its annual growth was 20%.” On the other hand, Gao Lei, CEO of Wozhongla says, “Since we became a licensed lottery operator in 2008, we have succeeded in building a massive database of loyal clients. Their demands are growing all the time so it is important to offer them extras like forecasts and predictions. After a detailed analysis of the market, we chose Betegy because of its achievements, unique technology and professionalism.” Its technology is based on highly advanced statistical analyses, giving them an extremely effective forecasting model, which uses factors such as the latest team results, atmospheric conditions, individual players’ fitness and even the condition of the pitch. Betegy is able to probabilistically predict the prospects of a chosen team, the number of goals scored and even the exact result of a chosen match. The games and lottery market in China has also become increasingly more interesting to external investors. Sequoia Capital, the global investment fund, has provided help to Chinese lottery operator 500.com, which was listed last year on the New York Stock Exchange. The market price of 500.com recorded an increase of 54% on its very first day on the NYSE.

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