Supporting Polish Inventions

Another Polish Invention?

Another Polish Invention?

“The Ministry of Infrastructure and Development will support those inventions that might help the economy improve. In order to implement this plan the cooperation of inventors and businessmen is needed,” said Iwona Wendel, deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Development, during a conference in Suwałki titled “Funds and Instruments to Support the Cooperation of Business and Science in the EU Financial Framework for 2014-2020”. Wendel said that organisations should support new businesses in creating scientific and industrial consortia which will coordinate the realisation of new ideas and plans. She thinks that industrial parks should serve as a guide for new businesses in the implementation of innovations. She also tried to convince scientists to change their negative attitude toward the commercialisation of their ideas. “We cannot invest public funds in abandoned and unrealised projects. We are going to devote this money to projects that might help develop the Polish economy,” added Wendel. The former Minister of Science and Higher Education, Professor Barbara Kurdycka, also took part in the conference. She said that from the perspective of higher education and legal institutions, much has been done to move towards commercialisation. “We will obtain money from the EU to support scientific projects which will then be commercialised and through this Poland will take a great step towards improving its economic position in Europe,” Wendel said.

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