EU Fighting Food Waste

Fighting Waste

Fighting Waste

The European Union is planning to stop putting expiry dates on various products available in member state markets. The first products to change are rice, pasta, and coffee, but according to several countries, the list should be longer. The European Commission has estimated that there are around 89 million tonnes of food that go to waste across Europe. Poland ranks fifth  among the food wasters of Europe, right after England, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. It is no surprise that member states are now considering reducing food waste. Supporters of this latest idea state that many products may be safely eaten even a few months after the best before date. What is more, it is possible that there will soon be no more ‘best before’ labels at all on the above-mentioned products. The idea of fighting food waste has already gained support in Austria, Sweden, Germany, and Luxembourg, and the applicable regulations could come into force by the end of 2015.

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