Higher Minimum Wage in 2015

More Złoty

More Złoty

Poland’s minimum wage in 2015 will increase by PLN 51 and will amount to PLN 1,731 per month, according to Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. The increase last year was PLN 80. The increase from the current level of PLN 1,680 PLN will not be too impressive mainly because of low inflation, which has had a great impact on the government’s proposal for the minimum wage. The tripartite committee (comprising representatives of the government, private employers, and trade unions) is able to negotiate a higher increase in the minimum wage. In previous years the government would establish the minimum wage regardless of the position of trade unions. Traditionally, unions have always resolved to fight for a greater increase in the minimum wage. This year, however, it may be difficult to achieve, because the unions have withdrawn from the tripartite committee. The deadline for the committee to agree on the minimum wage is 15 July. If the agreement is not reached by then, the unilateral decision on this matter will be taken by the government.

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