New Rules for Foreigners

New Rules

New Rules

Beginning 1 May 2014, a single permit is now only needed for a foreigner to stay and work in Poland. Previously, employers had to apply for a work permit for foreign employees, and only after such a permit was issued could the alien apply for a residence permit in Poland. The new rules also extend the maximum period for which a foreigner can obtain a temporary residence permit in Poland from two to three years. These new rules are part of the Aliens Act of 12 December 2013, which came into force on May 1. According to these regulations, the alien has to meet several conditions to be eligible for temporary residence and an employment permit. The alien needs to have appropriate health insurance and a stable and regular income that will cover his basic needs and that of family members. In addition, the alien needs to have accommodation available in Poland. The prospective employer, in turn, needs to demonstrate that it is not possible to find an employee of that type and skills on the local market. Finally, the remuneration for the alien, as stipulated in a written agreement, cannot be lower than that given to Polish employees undertaking comparable work.

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