Not a Penny for Radom Airport

Airport in Radom?

Airport in Radom?

The new airport in Radom will not get a penny from the EU and will need to find a private investor. In 2006, the European Commission announced that it will support only one regional airport in the province of Mazovia, according to the head of the region Adam Struzik. Despite the fact that there were proposals for airports in Radom, Sochaczew and Mińsk Mazowiecki, the airport in Modlin received the support of the regional authorities. Adam Struzik stressed that Radom has no chance for receiving any funding from the EU. “We are developing this airport without waiting for any handouts or state finances,” stated Struzik. The only solution is to find a private investor. Last week, Radom airport was awarded the necessary certificate for the public use of the airport. This is the most important document that will give Radom the possibility to launch the airport. The first charter planes from the Radom airport will take off in June. Passengers of the travel agent Alfa Star will be the first to fly, to Egypt. Also, the new charter airline 4You is interested in flights from Radom. The operator of Radom Airport is planning further investment, including construction of a new airport ramp, lighting and the extension of the runway. The operator will be issuing bonds in order to cover the investment. Discussions are currently taking place with the bank. According to the CEO of Radom Airport, another way to finance further investments is a successful capital injection from local authorities in Radom or a private investor.

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