Changes for Unemployed

Looking Up?

Looking Up?

New legal regulations will help people find new employment quickly and effectively. The Act on the Promotion of Employment and Labour Market Institutions has come into force and, amongst others, it offers special programmes for young people. Unemployed people will be helped from the very beginning to the very end of by one advisor. “These changes should help many people find work more efficiently,” says Stanislawa Skwarło, director of a local Job Centre. Thirteen officials at the Centre are prepared for this role. The amount of time that unemployed people will have to meet their advisor will depend on their needs and the number of job offers available. Unemployed people will be divided into three groups. The first will be the ‘active unemployed’ who do not need specialist help and only need to submit job offers. The second group will ‘require support’ in the form of training sessions or internships, while the third group are unemployed people in danger of ‘social exclusion’. The new law also envisages rewarding advisors who get positive results.

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