Innocent Man in Prison

Sentenced by Mistake

Sentenced by Mistake

A citizen of Siemianowice Śląskie has been imprisoned by mistake and is is demanding compensation. The court in Katowice has empanelled an expert who will assess whether the 134 days that the man spent behind bars were indeed a traumatic experience for him. Marek K. was sentenced to half a year in prison for the destruction of property during a domestic dispute in 2010. The penalty was adjourned provided he would not break the law again within two years. However, he was detained by the police in June 2012. 134 days later, Marek K. was released for good behaviour. Then the mistake emerged. The judge did not verify his personal data and had ordered the police to prison Marek K. for stealing socks, shirts, pants, and eleven batteries in Auchan. However, the crime was committed by one Piotr K. According to Gazeta Wyborcza, the men have the same surname but a different first name, different date of birth, and PESEL number. When the man was released, it appeared that he had lost his job (as a bus driver) and his home, which had been converted into a council flat, writes Gazeta Wyborcza. Now, 40-year-old Marek K. is suing the heads of the Court of Appeal in Katowice and the District Court in Siemianowice Śląskie and is demanding PLN 300,000 in compensation for unlawful detention. In February, Marek K. suggested a settlement and stated that he would withdraw the lawsuit for PLN 250,000 in damages. However, the General Attorney of the Treasury sent a letter to the court rejecting the man’s conditions.

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