Kraków Paedophile

Put Away

Put Away

49-year-old paedophile Roman B. has been sentenced by a Kraków court for molesting a 10-year-old boy. The court believes he constitutes a danger to the public and so will serve his sentence in a closed ward to undergo pharmacological therapy or psychotherapy. Roman B. was arrested in October last year. The day before he had abducted the boy. The child’s mother was concerned when her son did not meet her after he had taken their dog for a walk in a nearby meadow. After an hour searching for him, his parents called the police. The boy was found in a nearby courtyard. He told the police that an unknown man had accosted him and dragged him into some allotments and then forced him to perform various sexual acts. Roman B. was arrested 24 hours after the incident. He admitted to the allegations and used his right not to give an explanation. Roman B. is a repeat offender and has been convicted before for sexual offences against children. He went free in September 2013, after serving the full sentence of twelve years in prison, imposed for six offences against children aged 6 to 10 years.

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