Plastic Bag Revolution



Plans to cut the use of plastic bags by 80% are set to be approved. However, Poland does not know how to implement these regulations. The European Parliament has proposed targets in the reduction of plastic bag usage to 50% over the next three years, and then to 80% by 2019. “If the regulation takes effect, we could be burdened with expensive reusable plastic bags or even more expensive bags made of cloth,” according to Rzeczpospolita. Poland is among the leading countries in the EU in terms of high plastic bag usage; over 400 bags a year per person are used in Poland compared to only a handful of bags per person in Scandinavia. The European Parliament will make it obligatory for shops to charge for plastic bags or tax the use of plastic bags. As a result, many plastic bag manufacturers will face bankruptcy.

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One comment

  1. navasolanature · May 30, 2014

    Interesting Scandanavia and maybe Lidl lead the way. More needed as stood outside Tesco in London one day collecting for the Rainforest and all trolleys were full of plastic bags. Not many people had time to stop too. We need a big kick to change our habits.


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