Polish Caregivers Conquer Europe

Conquering Europe

Conquering Europe

Over 200,000 Polish women make a living taking care of older people in the West, mainly in Germany, according to Rzeczpospolita. “Polish women have dominated the care industry in Germany and are most often associated with the profession,” says Agnieszka Satoła, a sociologist, who in her PhD researched the situation of Polish caregivers employed in Germany. There is no official data on the number of people working as carers of older people in Germany. “Only around 8% of caregivers on the German market are legally employed,” says Olga Lisowska, coordinator of the Care Agency section of the Agency Employees Association, which includes eighteen agencies specialising in care-worker services. 95% of caregivers working with Promedica24, a company that for ten years has been specialising in providing home care services for older people abroad, are women over fifty. There is no shortage of candidates. The reason is simple: a woman with no qualifications who has difficulties finding a job in her own country, can earn €700-1000 a month (together with both room and board) and for many, this is an attractive perspective.

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