Super Mafia

Real Mafia

Real Mafia

Polish police are on the trail of the ‘super mafia’. Even oldschool gangsters are afraid of them. This new group of gangsters could well be more dangerous than the infamous Pruszków and Wołomin mafia. They have been heavily involved in kidnappings, extortion, drug dealing and murder. According to a Wiadomości journalist, the new gang is responsible for the murder of thirty people. The only reason why so many crimes have recently been explained is thanks to the fact that a few people have broken their vow of silence. “The old gangsters are afraid of them as at least they grew up with some sort of moral code but the new mafia has complete contempt for human life and values,” said a former officer of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBŚ). “These gangsters have likely murdered kidnappers in order to steal the ransom money. Knowledge about them could well change what we know about organised crime in Poland,” he added.

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