Film and Art Festival in Poland

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The “Dwa Brzegi” (Two Riversides) festival reveals the secrets behind the art of film. This summer, there will be many such opportunities around Poland. At the “Warsaw Cross Culture Festival” we spoke to the people behind “Two Riversides” in Kazimierz Dolny, the “T-Mobile New Horizons” festival in Wrocław and “Transatlantyk” in Poznań. On 24 July, the “T-Mobile New Horizons” festival in Wrocław will include experimental and strange films. They will contain something that captures the very essence of the festival itself. Priority, as always, will be given to the visual arts. “The competition is the main event. It aims to present unconventional and uncompromising films,” says Ewa Szabłowska, “so the festival is not for everyone.” Roman Gutek, director of the festival took a risk when he decided to show movies that are not always easy to understand. “He was banking on films that are bizarre. However, there are many gems to be found,” said Joanna Sławińska. The Art Festival “Two Riversides” will take place on 2 August in Kazimierz Dolny and Janowiec on the River Vistula. It will take place in a location where there is no cinema, or even a single room that could be adapted into a cinema. “For eight days we build our own ‘town’, with a distinctive, but very particular and wonderful movie atmosphere to it,” says Grazyna Torbicka, “because Kazimierz Dolny is so small, the atmosphere is very intimate. We will build a large cinema in a tent for 800 people. We are all pupils of Roman Gutek and are influenced by all the work he has done for film in Poland.”

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