Jaruzelski Not Communist

Communist General

Communist General

The man responsible for martial law in Poland in 1981-1983, Wojciech Jaruzelski, has died. The communist general and former President was never convicted and despite years of trials was never sentenced for the death of dozens (or, according to some sources, perhaps more than a hundred) people. He argued that by imposing martial law he had “chosen a lesser evil” (rather than face a Soviet invasion) and complained that “the whole period was a chore and nightmare for him.” Karma caught up with him just before his death. He was publicly stultified by his wife who mocked him for having an affair with their housekeeper and informed the tabloids that she no longer wants to be his wife. Her only concern was whether it was worth divorcing such a frail man who was obviously close to death. Family bickering was commonplace due to the fact that Jaruzelski was a millionaire and all were interested in getting their hands on Jaruzelski’s money. As concerns his past, Wojciech Jaruzelski argued in an interview for Newsweek that he was never a communist. He asked for the interview not to be published until his death. Below is an short excerpt:
After WWII, Jaruzelski was charged with ‘liquidating’ all non-communist Polish patriots.
Newsweek: As a lieutenant and then a captain, you took a part in the dismantling of gangs, Polish men who would not come to terms with the new communist regime imposed by the Soviets.
Wojciech Jaruzelski: Do you want me to admit to my mistakes? I have already done it, several times.
Newsweek: Was communism a mistake too?
Wojciech Jaruzelski: Poland was never a communist country.
Newsweek: And I suppose you were never a communist?
Wojciech Jaruzelski: No, regardless of what you say about me, I was not.

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