Easier Marriages

Tying the Knot

Tying the Knot

The new Registry Office Act makes it possible for people to to get married outside the registry office and give their children foreign names. These changes are expected to come into force in 2015. According to the Ministry of Interior, the 1986 Act, which is currently in force, does not meet the standards of transparent legislation because most of the regulations require modification due to social and legal changes as well as technological progress. According to the new act, from 2015 couples will be able to get married outside the registry office building, but in a place that does not deprive the ceremony of seriousness and importance whilst guaranteeing the safety of all participants. Couples will have to pay for the organisation of such an event. In mid 2013, when the government was working on the bill, Prime Minister Donald Tusk said it was all about meeting the expectations of young couples who want to get married in a less official way. At present, you can only get married outside the registry office in specific situations, for example, when the bride or groom is in hospital or prison. According to the new act, it will also be possible to give children foreign names, which will be particularly important for mixed marriages and immigrants receiving Polish citizenship. However, you will not be able to give children more than two names, diminutive names, ridiculous or indecent names.

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