Helping the Hard of Hearing

Helping People

Helping People

In Poland there are approximately half a million deaf people who struggle with getting simple things done at the bank or police station. It is claimed that about 70% of deaf people in Poland have problems understanding written Polish due to its grammar, syntax and the fact that sign language has no written form. is trying to help deaf people overcome barriers and communicate more effectively. The Migam – sign language and technology project has been in development from 2011. “The team has changed over time, but our goal hasn’t: to eradicate barriers in communication. All the services we offer are free of charge for non-business clients; we try to help people with their daily problems. We also issue invoices for institutions and companies who have deaf clients,” says Przemek Kuśmierek, CEO of The Office of the President of Poland was their first major client with the contents of translated into sign language. Today translates for the Polish parliament and in the near future will also be providing services for banks and IT companies. “We are developing our international department and have already established business ties with the USA and India,” says Przemek Kuśmierek.

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