Toilet Selfies



Polish celebrities Agnieszka Szulim and Dawid Woliński have become extremely fond of each other and for some time now shared the warm bond of a ‘media friendship’. In addition, they both love to promote themselves at parties, and the celebs also have a common hobby: an addiction to taking selfies. Dawid is a role model for Agnieszka by getting celebs such as Edyta Górniak and Krzysztof Ibisz in his selfies. So far, Agnieszka has only managed to take photos of her dog, but recently they both boasted selfies in the toilets on Instagram. Szulim and Woliński were recently guests at the Polish Business Council gala, but it seemed to be so boring that they spent the rest of the evening in front of the mirror in one of the bathrooms taking photos.

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