Minimalism in Poland

Warsaw's Golden Terraces

Warsaw’s ‘Golden Terraces’

People who are consumed with accumulating material goods are often so absorbed in acquiring these goods that they forget to live their lives. Is minimalism the way forward? The earth’s resources are finite, so building more yachts, buying more apartments, and eating more luxury food is simply not viable. The more rational of us are conscious that the survival of the human race will require us to limit the manufacture of cars, the expansion of highways and the excessive use of natural resources. A clean desk, empty wardrobes, and even a tidy mailbox are the consequences of a minimalistic lifestyle. A forty-year-old man goes into the Warsaw underground and watches adverts on the screen. Złote Tarasy shopping centre advertises a night of shopping where there is a discount of 30% on all goods. Arkadia shopping centre invites people with customer cards to make use of a free shopping adviser at the weekend. The man shows his middle finger at the advert and swears. He is just beginning his path to minimalism and he still not aware of how mentally strong he must be to protect himself against the flood of new merchandise. Twój Styl magazine details the life of two women, who are on the path to true minimalism. Guru Leo Babauta claims that you should possess no more than 50 objects. When Anna read this, she opened her wardrobe in order to throw away all her unnecessary clothes. Her life as a minimalist had begun. Ula, on the other hand, gave up her job in order to earn less and therefore buy less and have more time for living life and slowing down. Instead of using the word minimalism, she prefers to talk about living a simple and adequate life.

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  1. Akriti · June 2, 2014

    Brilliantly put. I really like your post 🙂


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