Pendolino Commission



Law and Justice (PiS) wants to call an Infrastructure Commission with regard to the new Pendolino trains by Poland. PiS MPs want to ask the Minister of Infrastructure and Development about the purchase and use of the ultra-fast trains. The Minister of Finance and the management of Polish National Railways (PKP)would also take part in the session. The readiness of PKP Intercity to start using the trains and the general condition of railways in Poland with regard to the Pendolino are the main concerns of these MPs. Moreover, PiS wants to ask about the details of the agreement between PKP and the manufacturer of the Pendolino. This includes the costs of purchasing and maintaining the ultra-fast train, the source of financing the whole investment, the train’s upkeep and the amount of money that has already been spent on the investment. PiS expects all figures regarding the Pendolino for the next ten years to be presented at the Commission. PiS MPs will also seek to ask if the Pendolino investment took into account the decreasing number of rail passengers and if this will not effect rumours of the bankruptcy of PKP.
Gazeta Prawna

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