Virginity for Sale

Worth Your Virginity?

Worth Your Virginity?

A teenager has decided to put “her first night” on sale in exchange for a four-day Open’er Festival pass. PLN 630, therefore, is the price of the 19-year-old’s virginity. The girl posted her announcement on Gumtree. Initially she complained about the costs of tickets and said she will not be able to save enough to see Phoenix, Foals, The Black Keys, Foster The People and The Horrors. She wrote that she is a high school graduate, and that she is considered by her peers to be pretty. But despite this, she has preserved her virginity. What is more, the honour of spending her first night with a mystery suitor will not fall to just anyone. More than a thousand people read her announcement before it was removed. ‘Virginity for sale’ is not something uncommon on the internet and similar offers are usually posted by teenagers. The price range is often extremely wide with people offering their virginity for a few hundred zlotys and others for several thousand euros. The Open’er Festival will take place on July 2-5 at the Gdynia-Kosakowo airport. Interpol, Pearl Jam, Lykke Li, MGMT and Metronomy will perform this year.

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