25 Years of Freedom by CNN

Błędów Desert

Błędów Desert

It is a unique natural phenomenon and, according to legend, the accidental work of the devil, who whilst on his way to the town of Olkusz was carrying a bag of sand which was torn open, creating today’s ‘desert’. In the second part of CNN’s “On The Road: Poland”, journalists took their cameras to the Błędów Desert. A CNN reporter raves over this vanishing natural phenomenon and a place forgotten by many Poles. To highlight the 25th anniversary of Poland’s first (partially) free elections after WWII, CNN is telling Americans all about Poland, and not only about the different aspects of the changes the country has gone through since it became a democracy but also about what you can find in Poland. CNN journalists visited the area between the Śląsk and Olkusz Highlands and found the Błędów Desert. “I’ve never heard of this place and, to be honest, I was not convinced that it actually existed, says CNN reporter Paula Newton. Not only does she focus on the entertaining legends surrounding the desert but she also talks about the curiosities that appear every now and then in documents related to the place, such as the fact that during World War II, Błędów Desert was used by the Nazi German Afrika Korps as part of the training for its African campaign. The journalist also comments on the fact that this place could disappear in several decades’ time. Every year, more stretches of sand are covered by willow, pine as well as common shrubs and weeds. They also point out something else: increased interest in the Błędów Desert is evidence of the changing and maturing consciousness of Poles who had for many years not been interested in this marvel of nature. “This also manifests the development of the country and its citizens,” say the CNN journalists.

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