Polish Breweries

Polish Nectar

Polish Nectar

Poland has over 100 breweries. The fashion for niche beers has meant that breweries in Poland are being established at a lightning rate. “The number of breweries has at least doubled,” according to Rzeczpospolita. There are now exactly 101 breweries in Poland. There have not been this many since the 1990s. The fashion for regional beers has seen a revival in the trade and a boom in small and micro-breweries after the long domination of the global concerns. The boom can really be visualised if we look at the industry in 2010. At that time, there were only 65 beer producers in Poland. What is more, experts predict that within a few years this number could hit the 200 mark. “Poles are drinking increasingly more beer and they have started trying new varieties,” according to Rzeczpospolita. However, the trend is not particular to Poland, for example, there are currently 2,700 breweries in the United States with another 900 planned.

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