Rescue Operation on Vistula

Helping Hand

Helping Hand

Warsaw policemen who were patrolling the banks of the River Vistula rescued a man who had fallen into the river and was drowning. “The policemen risked their lives to swim 50 metres in the churning river between branches and tree trunks,” said Chief Warrant Officer Tomasz Oleszczuk from the Warsaw Police. When the policemen heard a cry for help, they took off their uniforms and jumped into the water. Having swum several dozen metres, they noticed the head of the drowning man. A paddle-boat close by threw them a life jacket, which enabled them to get the drowning man to the river bank. An ambulance soon arrived and took the man to hospital. His condition is now stable. Warsaw police are appealing to people to keep away from the rough waters of the Vistula. The mayor of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz has assured Warsaw citizens that rescue services are monitoring the river. According to hydrologists, the Vistula will rise by 50-100 centimetres and approach the flood levels reached four years ago.

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