Warsaw Metro Collapses

Hole in Road

Hole in Road

Work on the Warsaw metro has hit yet another snag. Targowa Street, in the district of Praga, which runs above the planned second subway line, has collapsed. “Fortunately, no one was hurt, however, three blocks of flats on Targowa Street have been evacuated as a precautionary measure,” said captain Michał Konopka from Warsaw Fire Department. Konopka informed the press that one lane of Targowa Street (heading north) and the central reservation had collapsed. The hole is approximately 50 square metres and 3-4 metres deep. Mateusz Witczyński, spokesman for the consortium building the subway informed the press that a landslide had taken place between a ventilation shaft and a subway tunnel. The decision to fill the hole with quick-drying concrete was taken immediately.

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