Safer Poland

Safety First

Safety First

64% of Public Opinion Research Center (CBOS) respondents consider Poland to be a country where it is safe to live. What is more, 89% of people think that their homes are safe, which is the highest level of satisfaction since the 1980s. The opinions of respondents are based not only on personal experience, but also on  social characteristics, such as level of wealth and education. Although people who are better socially situated and better educated are more likely to fall victim to crime, their assessment of their safety is, generally speaking, more favourable, according to CBOS. According to the study, the current assessment of the safety of the country appears to be at a slightly lower level than a year ago. Living in a small town fosters positive opinions about safety in one’s place of residence. According to CBOS, the crime rate has remained stable. 39% of respondents worry that they may fall victim to crime, whereas 60% have no such fear. Respondents more frequently express concern for the safety of family members rather than their own safety.

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