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Mobile Money

The number of mobile banking users has tripled over last three years in Poland. Users most often use mobile devices to check their bank balance. 11% percent of Poles who have a personal account use mobile banking; that is 2.7 million people. However, according to research carried out by Homo Homini for mBank, three years ago this number stood at only 870,000 people. The growth of widespread mobile internet access has been a catalyst for the dynamic increase in the number of Poles using mobile banking via both smartphones and tablets. At present, 40% of customers use it, while three years ago only 26% made use of mobile banking. What is more, those who have started to use it do so extremely often, since 45% of customers use their mobile internet connection every day, not only to check the news or social networks, but also for financial operations. “Mobile banking has hit the mass market and will become even more popular. We can assume that the percentage of users will increase every year and in around three years this trend will slow down,” claims mBank Managing Director Michał Panowicz.

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