Accident in Sopot Aquapark



An eight-year-old girl arrived at Sopot Aquapark together with a group of thirty-nine children and six guardians from a school in Kwidzyń. What is more, five lifeguards were watching over them. “The rescue was undertaken immediately when someone noticed the eight-year-old girl was beginning to drown,” confirms Monika Drobysz, a member of the executive board of Sopot Aquapark. “Everything was done according to procedure. The rescuers were sober, which we confirmed afterwards with a breathalyzer test.” After removing her from the water the eight-year-old was resuscitated. However, she remained unconscious when taken to Polanka Children’s Hospital in Gdansk. Her condition is “very serious”. Monika Drobysz adds that the company is in constant contact with the child’s parents. “We arranged a hotel for them, so that they could be close to her daughter,” she adds.
Gazeta Wyborcza

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