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Play It Again

Mobile operator Play has presented its new, refreshed MIX FORMULA and Flexible MIX FORMULA. The new offers will start form the 3 June. Customers will decide for themselves about the duration of contracts and how much they pay. While the market is still buzzing about T-Mobile‘s LTE offer, which is about to start in June, Play has decided not to offer a new LTE formula. Instead, their MIX offer will be refreshed for pre-paid clients, who will remain with Play for a longer period of time in exchange for cheaper smartphones. The new MIX FORMULA will give Play customers smartphones from PLN 1. The price of the phone depends on the subscription. The minimum offer has 24 top-ups of PLN 30 each for the first 12 months and PLN 60 each for the second year (with a smartphone). Clients can also change the conditions of their agreement any time they want. Moreover, the LTE internet connection will be for free until the end of the year.
Gazeta Prawna

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