Curing Homosexuality

Lost Symbol

Paradise Lost?

“I had to account for various statements, such as homosexuals could be healed through exorcism. I called Zbigniew Ziobro, leader of United Poland (SP), right away and told him, ‘After stuff like that, Warsaw is lost to us’,” said Jacek Kurski in an interview on TVN24, alluding to statements made by former boxing champion and SP candidate Tomasz Adamek during his campaign to the European Parliament. Kurski, SP’s number one in Warsaw, blamed his own poor result on the low turnout which meant that only core voters, virtually immune to the inflence of the election campaign, went to vote. He added that the 4% garnered by SP is not a bad result for a party with no funding. When asked about Adamek’s role in the campaign, Kurski argued that he had to defend his colleague in the media as he is a member of the same team. That being said, he was firmly against giving Adamek first place in Silesia over stalwart Tadeusz Cymański, a decision he still considers a mistake: “It was a double blow because firstly he concealed the fact that he caused a car accident while under the influence, and secondly he said homosexuals could be cured through exorcism. That’s how you lose elections in cities like Warsaw, Szczecin, Poznań and Gdańsk.” Kurski speculates that SP (4%) and Poland Together (PRJG) (3%) could begin cooperating leading to the formation of a new right wing party excluding Law and Justice (PiS). When asked if he had any regrets about leaving PiS in the first place, Kurski said that he had been aware of the risks involved and had no regrets.

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