Crazy Race in Warsaw

Mad As a Hatter

Mad As a Hatter

An unidentified man drove as much as 30 kilometres in a car chase through the streets of Warsaw. The now infamous driver travelled at high speed, going the wrong way down one-way streets and racing through red lights. The police reacted only after a video, probably posted by the driver of the white BMW himself, went viral causing a huge outcry. The video shows the driver racing a couple of motorcyclists, completely disregarding the safety of everyone around him. “He drove for about 30 kilometres, I suspect, without anybody taking notice. He wasn’t stopped by the police, which would undoubtedly have led to him losing his license,” said Krzysztof Wincentowicz, a safe driving instructor. What is more, the BMW actually drove past a police patrol. According to the police, the driver “got lucky” because the patrol was already at the scene of a car accident and were thus unable to intervene. The BMW driver also drove through areas covered by CCRV street monitoring and speed cameras. Robert Opas of Warsaw Police Department continues to defends the force saying that “it’s impossible to put a police officer on every corner and at every intersection; also, speed cameras aren’t situated in enough places in Warsaw to ensure that the driver will get caught”. Currently, the police have a pool of suspects narrowed down to two and are trying to determine who was behind the steering wheel at the time the video was made, as both men use the same car. “It is just a matter of time now,” assured the spokesman for the National Police Headquarters, Mariusz Sokołowski.

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