Employers Receive False Fines



Employers in Poland receive faxes in which they are fined by the National Labour Inspectorate for employing people without the required contracts. This is a new method of conning employers. The swindlers have apparently come to the conclusion that illegal employment is so widespread in Poland that numerous employers will be happy to pay the fictitious PLN 1,000 fine. The ‘official letter’ notifying the employer about the fine also contains a payment form with a bank account number. The National Labour Inspectorate continues to receive notifications about such fraud attempts from its local branches. The forged letters resemble official ones in tone and style, and even have the Inspectorate’s logo on them. However, the documents are prepared in an unprofessional way and in no way follow the legal procedures concerning penalties. According to Agata Kostyk-Lewandowska of the Regional Labour Inspectorate in Wrocław, any penalties imposed by the Inspectorate must be preceded by a visit from an inspector. A company is never informed about sanctions from the Inspectorate by letter. It is always the inspector who fines the individual guilty of an offence and this always takes place right after the inspection in person.

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