Unfortunate Thief

Wrong Choice

Wrong Choice

The value of the stolen goods was not supposed to exceed PLN 420. When it turned out that it did, a little under two złotys made the difference between a misdemeanour and a crime. The unfortunate thief initially expressed his indignation over the confusing price tags, as well as an intention to sue the shop he stole from for the incorrect labelling of their products. These declarations were subsequently retracted; at the time of making them, the man’s blood alcohol level was over the limit. As he admitted in an interview for Fakty TVN, the thief made a professional error: there was a slight discrepancy between the declared price and actual price of the goods he stole. When he took the cosmetics from the shelves, he was keeping stock so as not to exceed PLN 420. When he was caught, it turned out that the value of the stolen goods amounted to PLN 421.99. Despite this setback, the thief is not considering a change of career. He plans to “stick to his chosen path” because “stealing is easy” and having an honest job “doesn’t pay”.

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