3-Year-Old Left in Car Dies

Tragic Death

Tragic Death

In Rybnik, a 3-year-old died after being locked in the car by her father. He was supposed to take her to kindergarten, but left his daughter in the car instead. The police suspect that he forgot he had the child with him and followed his usual routine. The man parked the car on a sunny spot near his workplace and left it there for eight hours. During that time the vehicle heated up, and when the father came back the girl was already dead. He tried to perform CPR but was unable to resuscitate her. A similar situation took place in Kraków, where parents left a 3-year-old boy in the car as they went shopping. This time the police was notified in time and managed to prevent the worst. The child’s parents were surprised to see officers approaching them; they believed the boy to be completely safe in the car. In such situations, the police appeal to people to call 112 immediately as 15 minutes can make all the difference between life and death. When the body temperature of a child reaches 40°C, the organs begin to fail; at about 41.5°C he or she dies.

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