Wild Boars in Gdynia

Wild Boar

Wild Boar

Wild boars in Gdynia have become something of a norm. Sightings of these animals across housing estates in Gdynia have been steadily increasing and in some cases local playgrounds have been visited by entire herds. Within the last eleven days only, residents have published over forty new photos of the animals on a well-known social networking website. According to city officials, the situation cannot be helped. “Half of the city is surrounded by forest; consequently, the presence of wild animals is inescapable,” points out Joanna Grajter, spokeswoman for the Municipal Council. “While it is impossible to rid the city of every single boar, their presence can be limited. The best way to do that would be to stop feeding them.” Leszek Zacharczuk, president of the local hunters’ association, concurs saying that the residents have only themselves to blame for the regular visits of boar. “They are not stupid. If they find a place where food can be easily obtained, they will come back.” The simplest solution would be to use tranquiliser dart guns to capture the animals and remove them from built-up areas. This, however, is impossible as the law forbids the use of hunting guns in the city.

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One comment

  1. navasolanature · June 12, 2014

    Sounds a problem. I have had to have quite a strong boar proof fence built so I can grow vegetables and not have them dug up!


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