Family Tragedy

Part of Warta River

Part of Warta River

Four of her children are dead. They drowned in August 2013 in the River Warta. “Only my daughter keeps me alive,” said 37-year-old Beata B. in court. She is accused of involuntary manslaughter of her two sons and two daughters. A welfare worker stands accused of the same crime; she was assisting the family because of their financial problems. The crime is punishable by up to five years in prison. “I tried to save them but almost drowned myself. It was an accident,” explained Beata B. in an interview for the media. She added that being forced to relive the tragic incident was what she was most apprehensive about; the verdict itself did not worry her as much because “she already paid the highest price possible in losing her children.” According to the prosecutor, Beata B. and the welfare worker allowed the group of children, larger than they could manage, to play in the water without knowing the area sufficiently well and despite the fact that the children could not swim. The women pleaded their innocence and refused to give any further explanations. The tragedy took place last summer when Beata B., her five children, and the social worker rested at a wild beach by the River Warta. The strong current carried four of the children away. Hania (7), Kasia (11), Mieczysław (14), and Andrzej (15) were dead by the time help arrived.

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