Hyperion 2 Wins in USA

Robotic Success

Robotic Success

Hyperion 2, the Martian rover built by students from Białystok University of Technology has won the University Rover Challenge organised in a Utah desert in the United States. The Legendary Rover team from Rzeszów came third in the international competition. The team from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Białystok University of Technology has won for the second year in a row. “They are the first team in history to win a second consecutive victory,” emphasised Dorota Sawicka, spokesperson for Białystok University of Technology. Team Hyperion was made up of: Michał Grześ, Jacek Wojdyła, Jakub Maliszewski, Robert Bałdyga, Maciej Baka and Maciej Rećko. Although Polish teams took first and third place, a team from Missouri University of Science and Technology (USA) came second. 23 teams from all over the world took part in the Mars rover competition “This year the tasks were two to three times more difficult than in previous years. Almost no task was 100% completed by participants,” explains the scientific supervisor of Hyperion 2, Kazimierz Dzierżek. The construction of the robot and the trip to the United States was financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education as part of the “Generation of the Future” project. The University had also found a sponsor in PKO BP. The Białystok University of Technology team has now won the competition three times: in 2011 with the Magma 2 rover, last year with the Hyperion rover and this year with Hyperion 2.

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