Murderer Caught after 20 Years

Caught At Last

Caught At Last

Twenty years ago, the brutal murder of Joanna Sendecka shocked residents of Bydgoszcz. Despite the fact that the perpetrator was a person of interest, the police were unable to prove any wrongdoing on his part. Only now, after two decades, has it become possible to positively identify the murderer’s fingerprints. Evidence points to Sławomir G., the former neighbour of a woman, whose actions were motivated by his unrequited love for her. For the last twenty years, the suspect had led the ordinary life of a husband and father and he claims he suppressed the memory of the crime. Joanna’s body was found by her fiancé in August 1994. He went to her apartment after numerous unsuccessful attempts to reach the woman by phone. The police interrogated dozens of witnesses and meticulously collected evidence; however, the case was dismissed after two years. “We did everything we could with the resources available,” said Marek Jeleniewski, who in the 1990s was spokesman for Bydgoszcz Police Department. The mystery was finally solved by a forensic unit known as “X-Files”. “The perpetrator always leaves behind evidence. There is no such thing as a perfect crime,” said one of its investigators.

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