Prototype Bike Made in Poland

Frączkowski Ready to Ride

Frączkowski Ready to Ride

Two students from Sopot have designed a unique bike. Its frame is made of an aluminium alloy much like that used in the manufacture of aeroplanes, alarms and GPS equipment. Each bike will be made on request. “Our bikes have a retractable part as is used in some Bentleys, solar chargers for the iPad and lipstick,” confirms Piotr Frączkowski, one of the designers of the bike. 21-year-old Piotr Frączkowski and 20-year-old Daniel Rybiński are university students in Sopot. Piotr studies social communication and media, Daniel studies architecture. They are both crazy about cycling and designing different types of bicycles. They have been working on a prototype of a luxury bike for several months now.
Gazeta Wyborcza

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