Beggars in Old Town

Lublin Under Siege

Lublin Under Siege

Beggars are terrorizing the streets of Lublin’s Old Town and making life impossible for tourists. Restaurateurs are powerless. “Lublin hopes to attract as many tourists as possible and it would be a shame if they have to witness what is happening at the moment,” they say. Lublin’s mayor has decided to act. “It was a fine sunny day, one of the first warm days of spring in Lublin. It was late afternoon and I was sitting at a table in an outside café in the Old Town. Suddenly, a dirty, unshaven man walked past the café and began shouting at a woman who was also sitting there: ‘Give me some money!’ She obviously did not know what to do. A few minutes later I saw another incident that left me speechless. A man at a table next to me ordered a beer and started to drink it. Suddenly, a man in dirty trousers walked into the café, walked over to his table and asked ‘Can I have one?’,” the mayor recounts.
Gazeta Wyborcza

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