Prisoners Vote for Prosecutor

Democracy At Work

Democracy At Work

In the elections to the European Parliament, Civic Platform (PO) managed 39.4% of all prisoners’ votes, whereas Law and Justice (PiS) did not fare too well. There was, however, one notable exception. In a detention facility in Chmielów, in the province of Podkarpacie, a PiS candidate garnered the majority of the votes. Stanisław Piotrowicz, a former prosecutor, was rather shocked by his popularity among inmates. “I would never have expected any kind of support from the inmates and more importantly, I would never ask for it”. It has since transpired that shortly before the elections, prisoners received packages containing packs of cigarettes and coffee along with election leaflets endorsing Piotrowicz. “It’s either some kind of setup and somebody put Piotrowicz’s name on the packages or it simply did not happen at all,” said Jarosław Kaczyński, head of PiS. The director of the detention facility informed the local prosecutor’s office about the fact that a crime could have been committed by one of the prison officers, who allowed the packages into the facility. The packages were supposedly sent by a businessman who wanted to help his favoured candidate, but he ended up doing more harm than good.

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