10,000 Pension Declarations

Safest Bet?

Safest Bet?

The number of declarations for remaining with the Open Pension Fund (OFE) submitted to ZUS is currently at around the 10,000 mark. Only a few weeks remain until the deadline for submitting declarations passes. Until now, 225,665 people have decided to entrust the Open Pension Fund (OFE) with their pension money. Among those who have made declarations, 56% did so by post, 37% visited ZUS in person and 7% did so via the internet. If little changes, less than a meagre 600,000 people will remain in OFE, which is approximately 3.5% of its present members. According to the amendment of the law on pension funds of December 2013, people can decide between 1 April and 31 July if they want their money to be in OFE or ZUS.

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