Peculiar Road in Kielce



There is a surprise waiting for drivers travelling on Skrajna Street in Kielce. There is a house slap-bang in the middle of the road. What is more, it has been there for the past thirty years, yet nobody has thought of putting up warning signs for unsuspecting travellers. Local residents use a meandering dirt road to bypass the obstacle; outsiders have no way of knowing that such a diversion exists. The owner of the house, Jan Wróblewski, moved out because he feared that an accident was inevitable. The house was already standing thirty years ago when the authorities decided to build a new road regardless, without expropriating and relocating the occupants. Jarosław Skrzydło from the local road authority explained in an interview for TTV that two halves of the road were built in accordance with the original investment plan, and the property in the middle was supposed to have been acquired at a later time, when sufficient funds could be spared. “There were always more pressing matters to attend to,” said Skrzydło. He added that warning signs will finally be put up within the next few days. Whether or not the road will ever be finished remains to be seen.

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