ABW Looking for Secrets

Internal Security Agnecy

Internal Security Agnecy

On Wednesday morning, officers of the Internal Security Agency (ABW) entered the offices of Wprost weekly in order to collect all data storage devices containing recently leaked wiretap recordings. According to Michał Majewski, one of the journalists who revealed the contents of the recordings, editorial staff refused to hand over the original files because they could not be absolutely certain that their source would not be compromised. In accordance with Polish law, if the informer wishes to remain anonymous, journalists are obliged to protect his or her identity, which can also include keeping secret any materials in their possession that could lead to the person being identified. The recordings revealed Interior Minister Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz and National Bank of Poland (NBP) head Marek Belka discussing the possibility of the NBP helping the government with its budget problems before the next elections in exchange for the government introducing changes to the law concerning the central bank as well as the dismissal of the then Finance Minister Jacek Rostowski. According to Wprost, the conversation took place in July 2013. In November 2013, Rostowski was replaced by Mateusz Szczurek as Minister of Finance; in May 2014, the cabinet received a draft amendment to the law on the NBP.

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